Silicone Solid


The silicone solid is presented as:

• Large sheets
• Sheets cut to size
• Different-sized tubes of natural or coloured silicone
• Profiles that we produce following client specifications

Silicone that has undergone a specific treatment to make it compatible with food.
Can be placed in contact with the food or it can be used to cook ( within 200 ° C ) .

Thermal resistance

from -60°C to +250°C.

Chemical resistance

optimal resistance to acid and alkaline solutions
Resistant to essential oils and minerals
Excellent resistance to oxidising agents, saline solutions, hydrogen dioxides
Excellent resistance to ozone, light, atmospheric agents and aging

Other characteristics

Non-stick, absence of disagreeable smells or flavours, excellent dielectric characteristics.
Absolutely non-toxic in case of contact with physiological liquids, animal cells and food.


  • Bobina di silicone compatto di colore rosso