Conveyor beltings made of special materials

Our tapes are custom-made according to the specifications selected by the customer or agreed with our technicians as a result of the evaluations of the production processes.
There is the possibility of establishing :

  • Thickness and type of tissue
  • Length
  • Height
  • Type of junction (Inox , plastic, welded, overlap, rollaway)
  • Presence of reinforcements
  • Presence of guides , rings or studs
  • Flap

The conveyors are one of the most comprehensive ranges in the supply industrial techniques.
They are in fact offered , as well as in most common formats , even at the specific request of the customer which is usually fully satisfied thanks to our experience, product quality and low costs
The tapes are made with the finest fabrics and mesh in glass PTFE, silicone and glass – aramid based fabrics.
These fabrics made from Kevlar® and Nomex® (Dupont) on which is applied the coating of PTFE offer the flexibility for perfect sliding and excellent dimensional stability.
These products are suitable for continuous operations at high speeds, ensuring sliding quality and dimensional stability.
In particular, the resistance to bending of aramid fabric is incomparable to other fibers studied for working at high temperatures.