Conveyor belts made of special materials

Our conveyor belts are made to measure according to the specifications chosen by the customer or agreed with our technicians following evaluations relating to the production processes.
It is possible to establish:

The conveyor belts we process represent one of the most complete ranges in the field of industrial technical supplies. In fact, they are not only proposed in the most common formats, but also at the customer’s specific request who, thanks to our experience, the quality of the product and the low costs, is usually fully satisfied. The tapes are made from the best PTFE glass fabrics and PTFE glass mesh, in silicone-glass and aramid-based fabrics. These fabrics based on aramid fibres (Kevlar®, Nomex® and Dupont), on which PTFE coating is applied, offer elasticity for perfect sliding and excellent dimensional stability. These products are suitable for continuous operation at high speeds, ensuring sliding quality and dimensional stability. In particular, the resistance to bending of aramid, of non-woven fabrics, is unmatched by other fibres designed for processing at high temperatures.

  • Detail of a conveyor belt fabric showing the different materials it is made of. Blue, beige and orange colors. Studs and bunk sides.