PTFE glass fabrics

PTFE glass fabric is glass fabric impregnated and coated in PTFE. The product has exceptionally high dielectric strength, and is extremely resistant to wear and most chemical products and solvents, including acid and basic solutions. PTFE fluorocarbon resin used in the fabric is the most inert chemical substance that can be found on the market today, with an extremely low friction of coefficient compared to any other known solid. PTFE fabric maintains its release characteristics of dimensional stability, flexibility and adhesiveness at working temperatures ranging from -73°C to +260°C. Different types of fabric are available, whose characteristics vary according to the PTFE content, the surface finish and the glass fabric used. All the fabrics, except the porous and mesh types, can be provided with a special surface treatment that allows them to be glued to different supports.

The widest range of PTFE glass fabrics in every thickness: normal or antistatic (antistatic or black PTFE glass fabrics), non-adhesive or self-adhesive PTFE glass fabric, silicone and aluminium-coated. You can use these products both on rolls (from h 1000 up to 3000 mm), parts to drawing and reels, cut by us at the height requested by the customer, (reels in PTFE, adhesive, non-adhesive or Zone Tape). Zone Tape reels are reels in PTFE with glue applied by us on one or both ends leaving the central zone free.


  • Teflon roll beige on the outside and ochre on the inside resting on a surface.


  • Black Teflon coil on a gray top.


They are PTFE glass fabrics with open mesh less than 1 millimetre wide. Excellent use where transpiration is required.

  • 3 sheets of beige porous Teflon overlapping each other on a surface.


PTFE glass fabric mesh and aramid fabrics with mesh from approx. 1 mm to 6 mm. Ideal for the construction of conveyor belts.

  • Detail of beige-colored Teflon mesh coils viewed slightly from the side.


With graphite in order to have electrical conductivity.

  • Detail of Teflon showing black exterior and ochre interior.


Fabrics made with special features for specific uses:

  • Detectable metal detector
  • Specific for cooking foods
  • Tear-resistant: with special weft / warp
  • Laminates
  • Welding PVC
  • Various sheets of overlapping glass cloth in blue, brown, beige, black and ochre colors.