Aramid fabrics and mesh

Para-aramid + PTFE

Aramid fibre fabric impregnated with PTFE. It brings together the qualities of extreme strength and very low weight characteristics. Kevlar® (Dupont) is material which, at constant load (pound-pound), appears to be stronger than steel. This fabric is suitable for use in steam-saturated environments. A normal and also an anti-static version is available.

  • 3 sheets of beige PTFE fabric stacked on top of each other

Meta-aramid fabrics

NOMEX® (Dupont)

It is a registered trademark for a flame-resistant meta-aramid substance developed in the early 1960s by Dupont. Chemically, it can be considered an aromatic nylon, the meta-variant of para-aramid Kevlar®. These fabrics are aramid-based on which a coating of PTFE is applied. They offer elasticity for perfect sliding and excellent dimensional stability. This product is suitable for continuous operation and high speeds, guaranteeing sliding quality and dimensional stability. The bending strength of the meta-aramid fabric is unmatched by other fibres designed for processing at high temperatures.

  • Coil of white beige fabric resting on a surface and viewed slightly from the side.

Aramid mesh + PTFE

We also have porous aramid + PTFE mesh and fabrics, ideal for processing in steam-saturated environments.

  • Detail of beige-colored Teflon mesh coils viewed slightly from the side.